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5 of The Most Famous Internet Dogs That You Should Follow Today!

crusoe the celebrity dachshund

Do you know of any famous internet dogs? There are some that have such large social media followings that make them more famous than a lot of high profile celebrities! We have put together here 5 of the most famous that we can find (Or maybe just our favourites!). With links to their social media profiles you can get following them straight away!

These dogs are so famous but of course they don’t know it, but they seem to be very photogenic and love the attention they get!

Since the birth of the internet the animal field has been dominated by cat videos! But now their canine friends are taking back some of the limelight. A lot in fact.

Be sure to follow some of these amazing, cute and funny pups.

Boo The Pomeranian: 16.5 Million Facebook Followers

Boo the pomeranian]

The cutest Pomeranian dog on the planet. And a massive following of close to 17 million! A truly glorious pup who was adopted in 2006 by its owners. Boo has made TV appearances and has an army of adoring fans who share, comment and like every time he posts an update! Mega cute pics, well worth a follow.

You can follow his Facebook page here: Boo The Pomeranian

He also has a Wikipedia page here if you want more info on the famous travels and tribulations.

Maru The Shiba Inu: 2.6 Million Instagram Followers

maru the shiba inu

From Japan, Maru is a superbly cute Shiba Inu and he is one of the most followed dogs on Instagram. The owners regularly post pics, tricks and videos of Maru on the social media platform. We love this dog and think you will too. You may have seen the same breed of dog on various memes and its even the breed of dog used on the popular cryptocurrancy Doge Coin.

Either way Maru is well worth a follow: Maru The Shiba Inu

Manny The French Bulldog: 1.7 Million Facebook Followers

Manny the french bulldog

This wonderful Frenchie has a massive following on Facebook and also has a million followers on Instagram too. He has his own range of products too and word is he has been very much sought after by big advertising companies for his adorable looks. The owners regularly donate to charity from the revenue he brings in which is a great touch!

You can follow his Facebook page here: Manny The Frenchie

If Instagram is more your thing then follow him here.

Doug The Pug: 6 Million Facebook Followers

doug the pug

What can be said about this guy? Doug the pug as he is known across social media has a massive following. He has a huge 6 millions and rising fans on Facebook and they combined have view his hilarious videos over 1 BILLION times! That is crazy. This is one famous pup. So famous across social media in fact that he won Instagrammer of the Year in 2017. He has been on countless TV shoes, music videos plus has some famous fans among his followers such as Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber!

Follow Doug The Pug Here: Its Doug The Pug

Doug’s Official Website: Doug The Pug – King Of Pop Culture

Crusoe The Celebrity Dachshund: 2.5 Million Followers

crusoe the celebrity dachshund

Probably the most famous Dachshund on the internet. A miniature Dachshund with a lovely personality. He takes on various roles on his social media pages and is a very funny pup. His videos in which he often parades about in his homemade suits have had over 1 BILLION views which just shows you how popular he is! Crusoe has his own award winning book as well as several TV appearances and movie parts!

Follow Crusoe here on his Facebook Page

Subscribe to his hilarious YouTube Channel here.

Bonus Pick: Hugo And Mango The German Shepherds

hugo and mango

We just could not write a post about famous dogs without including K9Loved’s very own fur pups. Hugo and Mango are now on Instagram and they are after followers. They post pics of their wonderful adventures and daily updates. Ok – so they don’t have any plans to go on TV or create their own YouTube channels just yet but they are adorable and very photogenic I think you will agree.

You can follow Hugo and Mango on Instagram here.

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