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About Us

Hugo & Mango

K9Loved is a site for dog owners to laugh, find advice and share tips on how to live a more solid and happier life with our canine friends. We aim to cover all topics on the blog including just some fun stuff like the video post about the guiltiest dog ever!

K9Loved started really after we got our two beautiful German Shepherds, Hugo and Mango. They are a great pair and are naturally full of energy. Unfortunately a common issue with large German Shepherd dogs is they are prone to bone and joint issues later on in their lives. We learnt this from our first GSD who has sadly since crossed the rainbow bridge.

We now produce our own range or joint supplements especially for German Shepherd dogs.

But – we also have this blog!

You can also follow Hugo & Mango as well as many of our favourite dog blogs from around the web on our Pinterest page here.

Hugo & Mango also have a very active Instagram page – connect with them here!