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Look How Guilty This Giant Dog Looks After Being Caught In The Pool!

Dog gets caught in pool

This is great. It just shows that dogs do have a bit of a conscience when it comes to certain things. We’ve all seen the faces a dog pulls when they are being told off. Or when they know they have done something wrong. Maybe you have come in from an evening out and your pup has had a go in the trash bin, yes – that face they pull.

This one is no different. It was a hot day and this fur kid was out in the back garden just chilling. He really wanted to take a dip in the kids paddling pool, maybe it was off limits, maybe he was told NOT to go in it.

He didn’t care, today was too hot and he wanted a splash about in the pool.

But then he is caught! Just look at his reaction when he is spotted doing something he clearly shouldn’t!

We love it.

If you liked this video please feel free to share it with your friends. Maybe you have a dog that would react the same? Would your pup just have to take a dip too? Quite frankly – we don’t blame him!

funny dog caught in pool

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